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Discover a wealth of possibilities for love, health, peace, hope, faith, prosperity and more.

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Sunday Service Recordings

Crystal Coast Unity is proud to offer MP3 recordings  of Weekly services.  Please click on the week you would like to hear.  Play on your computer media player or rightclick and copy and save it on your computer or devise to listen later. 

Please contact kdiamone@aim.com if you would like a CD of a specific service.  $5.00 per CD

2016 Sunday Recordings

Sunday January 3, 2016  Speaker:  Rev. Catherine Klein
                                              What Are You Up To?

Sunday January 10, 2016  Speaker:  Rev. Catherine Klein
                                               Your Evolving God

Sunday January 17, 2016  Speaker:  Marsha Walters, PhD
                                                 Unrequited Love

Sunday Service 1-31-16 Speaker:  Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                Prosperity Is An Inside

Sunday Service 2-7-16  Speaker: Charlie Curtis
                                              I Was Exactly Where I Left Myself

Sunday February 14, 2016  Speaker:  Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                   Love At First Sight

Sunday Service 2-21-16  Speaker:  Rev. Linda M. Zupan
                                           Loss & Change, Gateway to Growth

Sunday Service 2-28-16  Speaker:  Jon Seskevich
                                                Compassion In Action

Sunday Service 3-6-16  Speaker:  Rev. Catherine Klein
                                               Are You Going Up or Down?

Sunday Service 3-27-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                           Our 12 Powers, Path to Resurrection

Sunday Service 4-3-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                Your Faith Really Can Save You

Sunday Service 4-10-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                   The Strength of Spirit

Sunday Service 4-17-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                              The Marriage of Wisdom and Love
With special music - Eddie Watkins

Sunday Service 4-24-16 Rev. Denise Schubert
                                                 Spiritual Power

Sunday Service 5-1-16 Rev. Christy Snow  
                                                 Who Are You Speaking From?

Sunday Service 5-22-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                 Our Orderly Universe

Sunday Service 6-5-16  Rev. Linda M. Zupan 
                                                  Zeal, The Sizzle Factor

Sunday Service 6-12-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                           Life: Creating Your Masterpiece

Sunday Service 6-19-16 Stan Davis, Director, AHAM Meditation Retreat Center-  I Am Mediation & Message:  Awakening to Who You Really Are... Here and Now.

Sunday Service 7-24-16 Rev. Linda M. Zupan
                                               The Pedistal and The Box

Sunday Service 8-14-16 Rev. Catherine Klein 
                                                Love and Laughter

Sunday Service 8-21-16 David Hiller
                                                All Things Are Possible!

Sunday Service 8-28-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                           Forgiveness - A Way of Life

Sunday Service 9-4-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                What Would Jesus Do?

Sunday Service 9-11-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                Connecting in the Heart

Sunday Service 9-18-16 Rev. Catherine Klein

Sunday Service 9-25-16 Charlie Curtis
                                                  Expect The Best

Sunday Service 10-2-16 Rev. Marge Brown
                                                  The 'G' Vitamin

Sunday Service 10-23-16 Rev. Cheryl Bridges
                                                  Where I End and You Begin

Sunday Service 10-30-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                            Things That Go Bump In the Night

Sunday Service 11-6-16 Rev. Linda M. Zupan
                                         Right Here, Right Now, This Moment

Sunday Service 11-13-16 Rev. Catherine Klein -
                                         RE-UNION, The Power of Community

Sunday Service 11-20-16 Rev. Catherine Klein -
               APPRECIATION, A Life-Enhancing Lens to the World

 Sunday Service 12-4-16 Rev. E.J. Niles
                                                    Going Somewhere

Sunday Service 12-11-16 Charlie Curtis
                                                We Are the Love of God

Sunday Service 12-18-16 Rev. Catherine Klein
                                                Life's Greatest Gift




Every Sunday after services there will be an informal "Conversation with the Minister" at Noon. We will discuss a broad range of spiritual questions, especially the application of spiritual principles to everyday life situations.

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